Healey Marine Sprite

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The Healey Marine Sprite was designed as an inexpensive, high-performance boat that could be used for pleasure boating or to pull a water skier. Stylistically, the biggest change from previous boats was that this was the first time a boat made by the Healey Company was to have individual bucket seats for the driver and the front seat passenger. Another of the key features of the Sprite was its slightly squared steering wheel, whack was felt to give better steering control than the more normal circular steering wheel. The hull of the Sprite was purposely intended to provide stability even during sharp turns and was made of moulded fiberglass with a double bottom construction that provided a high degree of buoyancy while at the same time allowing the floor to remain flat for the entire cockpit area. The Sprite was intended to be used as a ski boat and had skiing tow rings supplied as standard equipment. An all important ski storage area was also privided underneath the forward decking. The Sprite could be ordered from Healey Marine with a variety of outboard engines from manufactures as Scott-Atwater, Johnson, Evinrude or Mercury. The outboard engine was located between the transom and the main portion of the cockpit area. Healey promotional material from the period featured a color photograph of a yellow and white Sprite boat being towed on a Healey trailer behind a pale blue Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprite, complete with white-wall tyres, quite a combination.

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