Healey Marine sports boat 75

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The Healey Sports Boat model ''75'' construction was fiberglass hull with wooden decking done in teak. The overall look of the boat was similar to the model ''55'' hover the size had been increased providing additionalfromance. The model 75 used the same one-piece windscreen as the 55 and once again there were two cockpit areas, each capable of holding up to three passengers. The cockpit seatin was vinyl upholstery with a large roll at the top. The steering wheel was mounted on the left side of the one-piece, moulded fiberglass dashboard that extended across the entire cockpit with the instruments being mounted in the centre of the dashboard, an oil pressure gauge, tachometer and water temperature gauge. The ignition switch , ignition warning light, horn button, a light switch that controlled both fore and aft navigation lightning completed the controls available to the driver.

A Healey script logo in chrome was mounted on the right side of the dashboard. This was the same casting used on the Nash-Healey whilst the hull on the transform as well as on the forward edge of the engine cover. The engine was centrally located between the back of the cockpit and the front of te rear cockpit. It was completely enclosed for weather protection and rudimentary sound deadening, within a flush, full-width wooden cover, hinged at the rear. Beneath the wooden cover, a white fiberglass engine-surround isolated the engine from any water that might get into the rear cockpit during heavy seas! Passengers in the rear cockpit could use this fiberglass surround as a footrest for bracing. The engine was a four-cylinder, twin-carburettor BMC 1600cc engine developing 80 bhp at 5,600 RPM. The engines were delivered with a Healey Marine ''75'' identification plate on the valve cover. The warner Velvet Drive transmission (hydraulically operated) was imported from the United States. A small lever adjacent to the steering wheel controlled the transmission, with positions for forward, neutral and reverse. Petrol capacity for the type 75 was 10-gallons. The model 75 had 20 additional horsepower over the 55 and allowed it ot easily pull water skiers. The ''optional Extras'' available were the same on both Sports Boats and included automobile-like tonneau covers for the cockpit, rear view mirror, speedometer, spotlight and toolkit. Options exclusively for boating included anchor, bilge pump, boarding ladder, engine hour meter, mooring lines and ski tow. The Healey Book research team had the thrill of  experiencing a model 75 boat ride. The boat accelerated quickly leveled out at cruising speed and cut through the water effortlessly. Turns were very smooth and the spray into the cockpit area was minimal. The thrill of riding in a Healey boat is similar to that of riding in a Healey car with the top down.. FUN. Without a doubt, Donald Healey succesfully transferred his automotive design talent and enthusiasm to the water.

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