Healey Marine 707 Sportsboat

The hull on the Healey 707 sports boat was built in moulded fiberglass with a wooden subframe and wooden engine bearing surfaces. The moulded Perspex windsreen and graceful lines of the 707 made it look as if was in motion, even when standing still at the dockside. Front cockpit seatin for three was provided on a bench seat and a second cockpit located directly behind the drving cockpit provided seatin for an additional three people, bringing the total passenger laid to six. A teak cover spanned the entire width of the boat and covered the Austin Healey 3000 tri-caburettor engine. This teak covering extended from the rear cockpit to the rear end of the boat, terminating at the fiberglass rear deck. With six passengers aboard, the 707 could comfortably exceed 40mph. Steering was controlled using a white plastic steeringwheel on the left side of the cockpit, with a floor-mounted accelerator pedol to control speed. The 707 had forward, neutral and reverse gears instrumentation mounted in the full width dashboard included oil pressure, water temperature, tackometer and ignition warning light. Swithes were also provided for the ignition, light and horn. The under-floor area was foam-filled to provide buoyancy and the petrol was stored in two 10-gallon tanks with SU fuel pups used to transfer fuel from the tanks to the 3000 engine. The 707 (named after the popular Boeing jet of the time) was the only Healey Marine product to use ''Jet Drive''. This jet drive propulsion method eliminated the rudder and propeller normally found benearh the hull on boats. To replace the rudder and propeller, a Jet Drive unit is placed at teh stern of the boat and water forced at a high speed nozzle that can be moved from side to side, ging the craft it's steering. Speed is controlled by the amount of water that is directed through te nozzle. The engine selected to drive the jet unit was the well -proven Austin-Healey 3000 Tri-carburettor and Geoff Healey personally converted the engine to marine use, which of course resulted in a lowering of the horsepower as well as the maximum RPM. The main work on conversion was the development/manufacturing of the cooling system and the coupling of the engine output to the jet drive impeller. Dowty Marine manufactured the Jet drive that was used in the 707 and the 3000 engine combined with the Dowty jet Drive provided a boat with exciting performance for those Lucky enough to puchase a new Healey 707.

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