Healey Marine sportsboat ''55'' 2nd edition

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The second edition of the Healey Sports Boat was fifteen inches shorter that the first model. In construction, however, it was very similair to the Original 16-foot Sports Boat, with the keel and frame made of solid mahogany with three-quarterinch Marine plywood giving the total width of one-half inch at the stern. The decks were truly beautiful, made from Teak planking with white caulking and mahogany-surround quarter rails. The rudder and propeller were of Mangasese Bronze and capable of being run in either fresh or salt water. The cockpits contained snap-in red and white upholsetry mounted on plywood seat bottoms and backings. The large white steering wheel was mounted on the left side of the cockpit, while the central instrument panel contained an oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, tachometer, ignition switch, ignition warning light, horn button and a light switch that controlled both fore and aft navigation lightning. The one-piece windscreen provided the driver and front seat passenger with a small amount of protection from the spray that might occur when boating in rough water. The engine was located centrally, between the back of the front cockpit and the front of the rear cockpit and was completely enclosed within a wooden cover that provided werather protection and sound deadening. This cover contained six ''portholes'' for ventilation that are the same size, shape and type as the ''portholes'' on the body of the Healey Silverstone. The engine for the Sports boat 55 was a fourcylinder, single carburettor, BMC B-series 1500cc engine developing 60 horsepower at 4,600 RPM. It was a standard BMC unit with the exception that it was cooled through a water heat exchanger instead of the usual radior as would be used on a car. Donald Healey was able to purchase these engines for the boats and have them delivered with a Healey Marine ''55'' identification plate on the rocker cover. The transmission was remotely controlled from the front cockpit and provided forward, neutral and reverse capability. The fuel was contained in a 10-gallon petrol tank located in the stern.

On the water, the Healey Sports boat was beautiful. It cut through the water easily with a minimum wake to disrupt a water skier who might be in tow. As with almost all Healey products, there were a number of ''optional extras'' available. For the Sports boat, some of these were the same as those that might be offered on a Healey automobile including cockpit tonneau covers, rear view mirror, speedometer, spotlight and toolkit. Other options that were exclusively for the boat range included anchor, bilge pump, boarding ladder, engine hour meter, mooring lines and ski tow. Perhaps the most important optional extra offered by Healey Marine were the trailers for carrying the Sports Boat from one location to another. These simple two-wheel units of very light construction with a small winch pulled the boat onto the trailer. The tail light assembly for the trailer was also sold separately, again at an additional cost.

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