Healey Marine Corvette

The Healey Marine Corvette was the only ''day cruiser'' produced during the lifetime of the Healey boat operation. A day cruiser is defined as a boat that provides on-board sleeping capacity and the Corvette allegedly provided overnight beds for two people, although pictures show the protection from the elements to be minimal. The fiberglass hardtop with sliding side screens that provided weather protection also helped make te Corvette look unique. The boat was somethat larger than the previous Healey boats with a broad beam and a deep hull design. The hull design of the Corvette enabled it to be out in rough weather and still provide a relatively smooth ride. The large size of the Corvette, with its 70-inch transform allowed the buyer to select between a one or two-engine configuration. Since the Corvette was capable of running offshore, records show that the two-engine option was more often chosen. The maximum recommended power output in either the single engine or the two engine configuration was 80 horsepower. Although the Corvette was sold primarily as a day cruiser, it was easily capable of pulling water skiërs and ski tow rings were included as an integral part of the boat. The standard equipment for the Corvette was quite extensive and also included heavy-duty fenders (fend-offs), panoramic windscreen, cleats, lifting handles and duo-tone hull/deck combinations with harmonized color trim in addition to the hardtop, side screens and ski tow rings. No known example of the Healey Marine Corvette still exists, unless any reader knows one!

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