The idea of Donald Healey, and following a visit to the Bahamas, he called a meeting at Warwick, and told everyone present that there was a future in the manufacture of high performance, competitively priced and attractive boats. The result was the formation of Healey Marin Ltd. and the ''launching'' of an entirely new range of craft to cater for a fast developing market around the world.

Donalds design people had very limited knowledge of boats; they were employed by the company to work on cars and made no claims to be marine architect, but they appreciated that GMH was probably right in his thinking once again, and fully supported the idea. It was Obvious to all concerned that it would not be viable to produce the traditional - by British standards - dozenboats a year so we looked for a boat builder with ideas, enthusiasm and premises which could cater with numbers.

DMH was introduced to Geoffrey Lord, a marine architect who was endeavoring to establish himself as a forward thinking young man with the ideas and enthusiasm. in addition to these vital attributes, Geoffrey had the lease on an old mill in Bridport, on Dorset which had ample space to allow the setting up of a production line. A deal was struck and Geoffrey agreed to work exclusibely on a range of boats for the Healey company.

Geoffrey Lord had two designs in his drawing board, and within weeks of the go ahead he had produced prototypes of a 13'9 outboard hull, and a 16'0 inboard which lacked an engine. These two craft were subsequently to be known as the Skimaster and the Sportsboat.


On this website you find more information about the healey boat models and specifications.

Prototype Healey Boat made in the Bahamas, this was Donald Healey's personal boat for more than 15 years. Also this was the first boat Healey ever made!

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